Group Tours

Group Rates

Special discounts and hours are extended to parties of 20 or more.
Reservations are required. Call 937-465-2821 for details and booking.

Adult: $12
Youth (age 5-15): $5
Senior (age 65+) / AAA: $11

Piatt Castles accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card for admissions and gifts at both Castles.

For groups of fewer than 20, regular admission prices apply. Mac-A-Cheek Castle offers ample free bus parking, bus drivers and a tour guide are offered complimentary admissions.


West Liberty and the surrounding Logan and Champaign Counties offer many attractions all less than one hour from the Air Force Museum, the Neil Armstrong Museum, Dayton and Columbus. Ohio Caverns ( 937-465-4017) shares the Mac-A-Cheek valley with Piatt Castles and Marie's Candies (937-465-3061) is just 2 miles down the road. In West Liberty, The Liberty Gathering Place (937-465-3081) can accommodate tours for lunch and there are a couple of pizza places and Subway. There is a large variety of restaurants 6 miles north on US 68 in Bellefontaine and also in Urbana, 8 miles south on US 68.

The first floors of both Castles are wheelchair accessible.

School Programs

General Tour

The general tour lasts 45-60 minutes. Group rates are offered to groups of twenty or more with advanced reservations. The rate for school groups to tour each Castle is $5.00 per student. Teachers are free.  Additional adult chaperones are charged our adult group rate of $12.00 for one Castle and $20 for two Castles. Drivers of school busses (not individual vans) receive complimentary admission.

Topical Tours

Piatt Castles specializes in interactive tours that investigate a topic using inquiry and drama based teaching techniques.  Topical tours are designed to meet Ohio Academic Content Standards in Social Studies and Language Arts.  The follow are the topics currently available.

Ohio History

April – October
Mac-A-Cheek Castle
Students examine geological formations and Native American artifacts as they study early Ohio. They investigate how transportation networks and the economy in Ohio have changed over 200 years by “role playing” individual members of the Piatt family who lived over a period of time.

Specifically, students will:

  • Examine fossil remains in the Castle's limestone to discover evidence of prehistoric life in Ohio.

  • Discuss why the Shawnee came to Ohio and what factors led some to leave the Mac-A-Cheek valley in the 1790s.

  • View unique historical collections that reveal the impact of trade, agriculture, inventions and tourism on Ohio's economy.

  • Investigate Ohio's waterways, roads, and railways by using historical maps, letters, and travel documents.

This program is 90 minutes long and includes thematic handouts for teachers to use in the classroom after the visit.  The minimum group size is fifteen students who will each be charged $7.00. One adult will be admitted free for every fifteen students. Additional adults will be charged the group rate of $12.00 per adult or $11.00 per senior. Drivers of school busses (not individual vans) receive complimentary admission.

Integrated Arts

These program lengths are 90 minutes and are ideal for class sizes in the range of 15-25 students. We can provide the program to class sizes up to 45 students with an additional 30 minutes added to the length.  The program fees are $7.00 per student.  One adult will be admitted free for every fifteen students.  Additional adults will be charged the adult group rate of $10.00 each.  Drivers of school busses (not individual vans) receive complimentary admission.

Art & Architecture

April – September
Either Castle

This program is suited for small groups who are interested in integrating math, design, and history. Students engage in a hands-on examination and analysis of decorative features including the frescoed ceilings, parquet floors and architectural style of Mac-O-Chee Castle.  They discuss components of form and function as they consider how the construction and design of the building met the needs of the occupants.

Geometry & Literature

The Shape of the Kingdom
April – September
Either Castle

Students are engaged in an interactive creative drama based on the book, Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, A Math Adventure written by Cindy Neuschwander and illustrated by Wayne Geehan.  Using costume pieces and props and following prompts from the program leader who narrates the book, students explore geometric shapes as they role play characters from the story.  The drama is followed by hands-on activities during which students explore how castles were built in medieval and more modern times.

Optional limestone chiseling (30 minutes) is available for an additional $1 per student.

The Art & Science of Nature

Programs can be scheduled for groups of 15-40 students, sixth grade through college.  Program lengths are 2 ½ hours and cost $16.00 per student with one free adult for every eight students. Additional adults will be charged $16.00 each.

Program can be scheduled at the availability of our content experts.  Each program emphases:

  • Hands-on activities

  • Emphasis on limestone and geology

  • Emphasis on woodland

  • Emphasis on stream analysis, available at Mac-A-Cheek

  • An interactive, focused tour of one of either Mac-A-Cheek or Mac-O-Chee Castle

Delve Into Documents

Programs for Adults & Teens

These workshops can accommodate groups of 10 to 30 and are appropriate for grades 8-12, college classes, and adult clubs, groups and organizations. These 90 minute workshops cost $7 for high school or college students, $15 for adults and $14 for seniors (age 65+).

Myths & Legends – how Shawnee history has been told
Discuss the difference between legends and myths through this 90 minute examination of primary documents, material culture, landscape features, and animal remains related to Shawnee history in Ohio and Kentucky.  Stories both published and shared through oral traditions raise questions about what we believe, what we know, and how we study history.  Ultimately, participants hypothesize about the role of legends and myths in our collective interpretation of the past.

Generational Shifts – changing attitudes about slavery and the anti-slavery movement
Participants in this workshop will investigate primary sources revealing attitudes and experiences related to Piatt family members as they confronted the institution of slavery and the anti-slavery movement in the 19th century.  Each sub-group will grapple with a different question using historical evidence to find an answer.  Groups will report on their findings enabling the entire assembly to discuss how and why generations need to continue to revisit this complex subject in American history.

Changes in Communication . . .
A.    . . . from postal cards to Twitter
B.    . . . from family newspapers to blogs
Compare common methods of personal and public communication today and in the past by sharing our own experiences with those who lived in this region in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Discover what has changed and what has remained the same in language, imagery, availability and intention. Participants will examine antique postcards and newspaper articles from the Piatt family collection.

Parts A or B can be scheduled alone for 45 minutes with additional time to tour the Castle for the same cost as listed above. 

Adult groups can book the workshop, Changes in Communications … from postal cards to twitter, off site to be held at their regular club or meeting location for the fee of $100.00.  An additional travel cost might be added for locations further than 15 miles from Piatt Castles.

Design Your Own

Do you have a special topic that you would like your students to explore at Piatt Castles?  We will work with you to create a unique experience that meets your curriculum goals.  Our strongest areas of content are Family History, U.S. History, Literature and Journalism.  Partner with us to incorporate our primary sources into your units of study.  (Fees to be determined)

Programs for Teachers

Piatt Castles can hold teacher and administrators’ information sessions for any school district.  This includes an overview of programs, admission to the Castles and light refreshment.  Group sizes may range from 8-40 participants at the cost of $12.00 per person.

Between the Lines

Readers Theatre + Geometry

Readers theatre fosters creativity and imagination as it builds communication skills and reinforces content through repetition. In this three hour integrated arts workshop for teachers, participants will discover how any text could be adapted into a readers theatre script as they learn staging and scripting techniques.  The workshop leader is Margaret Piatt who developed it in 2006 through The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Seminars, Artists as Educators:  Creating and Presenting Effective Workshops for Teachers.  For nine years, Margaret led teacher workshops in language arts and social studies at Old Sturbridge Village.  She is currently the theatre director at Urbana University and works for both Piatt Castles and The Mad River Theater Works. The workshop fee is $350 for up to 30 teachers.  An additional mileage fee may be charged An additional mileage fee may be charged for schools outside of a 6 mile radius from West Liberty, Ohio.

All programs require advance reservations.  Please contact us at least two weeks before your program date.

*Admissions based on groups of 20 or more with prior reservation. Call 937-465-2821.