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Photo Policy

Still photography is allowed on self-guided tours of Piatt Castles.

Piatt Castles are beautiful locations for professional portraits, wedding photos, graduation pictures, and other special photographs.

Please note that Piatt Castles is private property.  On days and during hours when the historic house museums are closed, admission to the grounds for any purpose including photography is not permitted without advance arrangements.  A fee is charged to photographers for photo shoots including those taken for graduations, engagements, and weddings.  This fee covers the costs of ensuring the safety of the historic building during the photo shoot. This policy is in effect both when the grounds are open and closed. 

Because Piatt Castles supports our local community, photo fees are sometimes waived for local individuals and groups, but advance arrangements must be made. 

Drone Policy

Drones may not be flown above Piatt Castles property.


For more information or to schedule a photo shoot, please download our full photo policy or contact us.

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