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Dayton Daily News

Worth the Drive: Piatt Castles an enchanting sight on Ohio farmland

“A chandelier illuminates the oak and walnut raised panels surrounding the dining room and parquet floors shine, but in the library, where wine-colored fabric covers the walls, quirky wooden points have been cut around the door frames and wood trim.”
August 2018



A Publication of Ohio Humanities

Donn Piatt & Freedom of the Press

“The Ohio-born journalist was known for explosive language and exposing corruption - as well as threats of violence from enraged readers.”
Winter 2018

The Ohio State University

Research Spotlight: Elizabeth Renker

“My project will be the first biography of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt, one of the greatest American poets of the nineteenth century, who was only recently rediscovered and whose work remains mostly unknown to a wider audience.”
February 2019

Ohio Magazine

Piatt Castles, West Liberty

“Mac-A-Cheek castle builder Abram Piatt’s son, William, first opened the family’s twin mansions to the public in the early 20th century.”
April 2019